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Compassionate Christmas for Turkeys

The festive season is upon us once again and for turkeys, that means immeasurable pain and death. To most of us, Christmas is a time for reflection; recognising what is important to us and expressing our love for others through giving.

Personally, I believe Christmas is also about showing compassion and kindness to all beings, regardless of their species. Turkeys are no exception. Every December, millions are slaughtered for their flesh which ends up on our dinner plates. 

For turkeys, this holiday brings anything but joy and happiness. 

Here are some facts about turkeys that might make you think twice about purchasing a turkey for your Christmas dinner. 

The dangly appendage that hangs from the turkey’s forehead to the beak is called a snood and the other bit that hangs from the chin is the wattle. These fleshy flaps can change colour according to the turkey’s physical and mental health—when a male turkey called a tom, is trying to attract a mate, the snood and wattle turn bright red. If…