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Animal Rebellion Activist Interview

Animal Rebellion states "Animal agriculture contributes around 18% of global emissions. It uses 83% of global farmland, while only contributing 18% of calories. Almost half of all plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch consists of nets from the fishing industry. To end the climate crisis and achieve justice for animals, we must transition to a plant-based food system." 
A dedicated and courageous activist, Charlie Pritchard, took part in the two-week rebellion in London. He shares his thoughts about the experience,  why he joined Animal Rebellion and what veganism means to him.
How did your vegan journey begin?

My vegan journey began in 2008. This was when the oncologist, exasperated and unable to help further with my wife’s terminal condition of a glioblastoma, blurted out the word “diet”. Hundreds of hours of internet research later, it became clear that a whole food plant-based, vegan diet was clearly the healthiest way to eat and, although too late to help my wife, I ado…