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Interview with Whale & Dolphin Conservation

For over thirty years, Whale and Dolphin Conservation has helped to protect the world's most endangered whale and dolphin species. From the North Atlantic Right Whale to the Risso's dolphin, WDC has led research to help better protect these and other species from extinction. 

Communications manager, Julia Pix, shares her views on WDC's vital work and what we can do to better protect the beautiful and fascinating whales and dolphins we share the planet with.

Hi Julia! How and why was WDC started?

In 1987, WDC (or, as we were then, the Whale Conservation Society) was originally a mechanism to channel the publishing ambitions of our founder, Kieran Mulvaney. Kieran, then a 16-year-old schoolboy and a prolific writer, wanted to produce articles on the growing threats to whales and dolphins and to share his desire to protect these remarkable creatures. 
His ambitions resulted in the production of a regular newsletter, each issue specialising on a threat to whales and dolphins compl…