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Interview with Activist & Photographer Toby Brown

What motivated you to become vegan?
The short answer is... love. Love introduced me to the fact that I did not need to consume animal products to survive and thrive. I spent 42 years of my life thinking that I required meat, dairy and eggs. I was informed I did not, carried out some research into it and became vegan straight away. And I do mean vegan, I made sure I didn’t buy any products with animal parts in, checked for the leaping bunny symbol on all creams, shampoos and stopped buying anything with leather, suede, silk. 
I was astounded and shocked at myself that I didn't know I could lead a beautiful life without animal products. I felt like such a fool, and such a hypocrite. I was a flexitarian for a while and I thought that was the best I could do for the animals I ate but I didn’t consider the harm and exploitation in leather and animal testing on health care products. I worked at a wildlife hospital in Greece for years, saving lives of certain animals whilst at the same tim…