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Activism Specials: Interview with Activist Kate

When did you first become an animal rights activist? About 6 months after becoming vegan.
What motivated you to become an activist?
A friend went to the animal rights march in London (I didn't go) and posted on Facebook that she was sad so few vegans attended or did activism, when they were supposedly vegan for the animals.  She called them keyboard warriors and it made me think, 'O my god! 'that's me, just sharing stuff all the time'. I need to get active.

What projects have you been involved with?
I have done Anonymous for the Voiceless which was my first activism event. I've also been involved with The Save Movement and local animal rights street outreach events.  
I've also done some Animal Aid school speaking and been a mentor with challenge 22 in the past.  I've helped organise some vegan fairs and done some public speaking.  At the moment, I currently campaign against the badger cull and do hunt sabbing with my local group. 

When did you become vegan?