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Activism Specials: Interview with Natalie Bee

As part of my series of activism specials where I speak to various animal rights activists about their personal journeys becoming vegan and finding their way into the activism world, I spoke to the wonderful and inspiring, Natalie Bee, who has been an activist for most of her life.
We chat about how she got into activism, what motivates her, how she thinks animal rights activism has evolved over the last ten years, and some advice on how we can become animal rights activists ourselves.
 Hi Natalie! When did you first become an animal rights activist? When I was about seven-years-old. I was raised vegetarian from birth (so I'm living proof that we don't need to eat animals!) and I always loved animals. My sister and I set up an animal rights club in our village to do fundraising for local animal charities when we were in primary school, and we were always volunteering for various animal charities too.
What motivated you to become an activist? My love of animals and the sense of dee…