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Save a Turkey This Christmas

Christmas is almost here but with the festive melodies and family gatherings, there is a sinister tradition that comes with this joyful season, and that is the consumption of turkeys. Before I became vegan, I remember the turkey was an exciting part of the Christmas dinner. It horrifies me to think I was so brainwashed that I saw 'the turkey' as a piece of meat rather than a sentient and intelligent creature, who had been killed just so my family and I could eat its flesh. 

Even though it is wonderful to know as a vegan you're not contributing to the suffering of turkeys at Christmas, there is the dilemma of seeing others around us talking about 'the turkey' as if it were just food. And that's where part of the problem lies; the meat industry manipulates us into thinking these beautiful and social creatures are not living, breathing beings. Just a piece of meat that will bring a profit to the industry's pocket. 

Surely, when we reflect upon the meaning of Chr…