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The Vegan Nigerian Interview

Tomi Makanjuola a.k.a The Vegan Nigerian is a food enthusiast who with a love of food and culture, creates delicious vegan dishes with scrumptious flavours to showcase the richness of Nigerian cuisine. She shares her thoughts on how veganism should be approached in different countries and some of her favourite vegan dishes!
Hi Tomi! What led you to become vegan and what was the change like for you?   I was initially drawn to veganism for health reasons. At the age of twenty, I found that my energy levels were at an all-time low and so I wanted to see if eliminating certain foods from my diet would make a difference. After a week of cutting out all animal products, I felt lighter and more energised, and the seed was planted in my mind that I could continue eating this way. 
At the same time that I was experiencing this, I was also beginning to question the treatment of animals in general. I was living with a family who had a pet dog and his presence stirred up questions such as: 'Why …

Vegan Author Christopher Locke Part Two Interview

In Part Two, Christopher offers his thoughts on why storytelling is such a powerful tool for activism. He also shares some of his favourite vegan recipes and restaurants and offers advice for anyone who wants to become vegan.
 Why do you think storytelling is a powerful tool for education and awareness?
Storytelling is a unique tool for inspiring people to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Learning about animal rights issues can be depressing (it’s heartbreaking to learn about all the ways animals are abused by humans), but with a story, you can entertain someone as you educate them.
Not only is storytelling entertaining but it’s also a powerful way to make someone connect emotionally with the animals who are being abused. As kids, most people are taught to think of pigs and other animals as food. That thinking makes kids disconnected from these animals to the point of thinking of them as objects instead of intelligent beings with emotions. When you write a story that has main characters who are …

Vegan Author Christopher Locke Part One Interview

Christopher Locke worked in the television industry for over a decade before pursuing his passion project of writing the animal rights-themed YA series The Enlightenment Adventures, which includes two books so far: Persimmon Takes on Humanity and Vincent and the Dissidents
Christopher talks about his vegan journey, what challenges he faced writing The Enlightenment Adventures and what his approach is to effective activism.
Hi, Christopher! How did your vegan journey begin?
Deciding to go vegan was the greatest decision of my life. Before I went vegan, for years I debated with myself and felt guilty over my choice to eat animals, wear their skin, and so on, but the exploitation of animals had been so normalized by our society, my family, friends, etc that it took a while for my compassion to finally be awakened.
The catalyst for going vegan was when I read Fast Food Nation in 2004. Interestingly, the book doesn’t really mention the ethics of exploiting other animals. But reading about the…