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Interview with Vegan Personal Trainer- Bryony Miles

Many people question how you can be vegan and super strong and healthy. Vegan personal trainers are the ones able to answer this question. I spoke to Bryony Miles, a vegan and personal trainer, who talks about the challenges she faced and how being vegan has become vastly important to her work in educating and inspiring others.

Hi, Bryony! How did you first get into personal training and when did you bring Veganism into your work?

I first got into personal training about 3 years ago when I decided to listen to everyone telling me to become a person trainer! Before that, I had only got into fitness within the previous year due to my Mum passing away from cancer and signed up for the Bath Half Marathon 2014!

After running it, I kept on going to the gym, weight training and enjoyed seeing the physical and emotional changes in myself after too many years of drug abuse. So, I have been a qualified person trainer now for two years and eight months and became vegan one and a half years ag…

Interview with Greens for Animal Protection David Finney

David Finney is the membership secretary for Greens for Animal Protection and is a part of the committee that votes on animal protection policies. He is also a dedicated educational speaker and Vegan, I spoke with him to chat about his Vegan journey and how it influences his work with GAP.  

Hi David, what was your journey to becoming Vegan, and how did that lead you to becoming membership secretary for GAP?

DF: Well, I consumed meat and dairy for over 40 years and then when I was 42, I was chatting to a Hindu vegetarian and it prompted something inside of me to make a change. And so that night I announced to my family that I was going vegetarian; they were really quite shocked! I also recall going on the internet that day (or the next) to do some research and I can remember bawling my eyes out at some of the films taken inside farms and slaughterhouses.

It then took me (I am a bit disappointed to admit) another 11 years to go Vegan which I did in May last year, 2016. I can recall first …