Interview with Activist & Photographer Toby Brown

What motivated you to become vegan?
The short answer is... love. Love introduced me to the fact that I did not need to consume animal products to survive and thrive. I spent 42 years of my life thinking that I required meat, dairy and eggs. I was informed I did not, carried out some research into it and became vegan straight away. And I do mean vegan, I made sure I didn’t buy any products with animal parts in, checked for the leaping bunny symbol on all creams, shampoos and stopped buying anything with leather, suede, silk. 
I was astounded and shocked at myself that I didn't know I could lead a beautiful life without animal products. I felt like such a fool, and such a hypocrite. I was a flexitarian for a while and I thought that was the best I could do for the animals I ate but I didn’t consider the harm and exploitation in leather and animal testing on health care products. I worked at a wildlife hospital in Greece for years, saving lives of certain animals whilst at the same tim…

Interview with Vegan Band Flipside Bride

Music is a big part of all of our lives. But what if you could combine your love of music and your passion for veganism? Well, vegan band, Flipside Bride have done exactly that. I spoke to Manic Pianic about her and her husband's journey into veganism and creating their own music to communicate with people about important social issues and raising money for charity. Their debut album, 'Welcome to To Audio Pop Art' and single 'Ostrich Head' are raising money for The Tower Hill Animal Sanctuary in Essex, UK. 

What was your motivation for going vegan?

Way back in 1986, my vegetarian friend Debz told me she was going on an anti-fur protest march in London organized by the anti-fur charity, Lynx. She asked me if I would like to come. At the time, I wasn’t even vegetarian but once I had read one of the leaflets, I was so disgusted of its vile cruel practices that I knew I had to go with her. 

I think it was because fur is very much an obvious part of the animal that I star…

Thinking of Going Vegan?

Veganism has increased by over 700% in the last decade and there are no signs of it slowing down. Many more people are deciding to go vegan for many reasons. For some, it might be because they want to bring justice for animals and not contribute to their suffering, for others it could be to help combat climate change and for their health.

Whatever the reason,  it is an extraordinary act of grace and selflessness to go vegan and to align our deepest values with what we eat. But there can be a lot of information out there especially for a new vegan that it can be hard to know where to start. 

So, I've summarised some top tips on how to help your vegan journey to be as smooth and fun as possible.  

1) Research 

So you've decided to go vegan- you're amazing! But where to start? One of the first things I did before I became vegan was research. It's beneficial for us to know why going vegan matters to us. What is important to us? What values do we want to live by? Why am I doin…

Activism Specials: Interview with Activist Kate

When did you first become an animal rights activist? About 6 months after becoming vegan.
What motivated you to become an activist?
A friend went to the animal rights march in London (I didn't go) and posted on Facebook that she was sad so few vegans attended or did activism, when they were supposedly vegan for the animals.  She called them keyboard warriors and it made me think, 'O my god! 'that's me, just sharing stuff all the time'. I need to get active.

What projects have you been involved with?
I have done Anonymous for the Voiceless which was my first activism event. I've also been involved with The Save Movement and local animal rights street outreach events.  
I've also done some Animal Aid school speaking and been a mentor with challenge 22 in the past.  I've helped organise some vegan fairs and done some public speaking.  At the moment, I currently campaign against the badger cull and do hunt sabbing with my local group. 

When did you become vegan? 

Activism Specials: Interview with Natalie Bee

As part of my series of activism specials where I speak to various animal rights activists about their personal journeys becoming vegan and finding their way into the activism world, I spoke to the wonderful and inspiring, Natalie Bee, who has been an activist for most of her life.
We chat about how she got into activism, what motivates her, how she thinks animal rights activism has evolved over the last ten years, and some advice on how we can become animal rights activists ourselves.
 Hi Natalie! When did you first become an animal rights activist? When I was about seven-years-old. I was raised vegetarian from birth (so I'm living proof that we don't need to eat animals!) and I always loved animals. My sister and I set up an animal rights club in our village to do fundraising for local animal charities when we were in primary school, and we were always volunteering for various animal charities too.
What motivated you to become an activist? My love of animals and the sense of dee…